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Tips to Clean Vagina with Soap

Jan 1

The impact of using too much feminine hygiene soap should not be taken lightly. The cleanliness of the feminine area must always be maintained, but if you clean the feminine area too often with feminine hygiene soap, it is also not good and has bad effects.

No matter how many times you wash, the effect is not good.

And it can cause skin diseases or vaginal diseases due to vaginal skin or vaginal infections. Soap can be more harmful than shampoo for your hair. If you really want some help, choose some female hygiene soap that does not contain chemicals. Or you can try vegan boric suppositories.

If you do not expect too much, it will be a nice way to clean your vagina. You can try vaginal cleaning with a shower with a small amount of water and the right soap.

Useful Tips for Vaginal Care and Cleaning

1) Vaginal is just like skin, just inside the body.

2) The more you use vaginal soap, the faster it will irritate your vagina.

3) Perfumed soaps are just as bad as perfumed shower gels or lotions. Strong chemicals can lead to an allergic reaction.

4) Cleaning with water is more natural for vaginal skin, so you do not have to use soaps or gels.

5) If vaginal itching occurs, avoid perfumed toilet paper.

6) A healthy vagina produces clear fluid that is not smelly and does not look like pus on the skin.

7) You will know it's time to change your tampon when it is hard or inverted.

8) Coconut oil is good to get rid of vaginal fungal infections because it contains antifungal properties. Can also be used as a sexual lubricant, moisturizer for skin and hair etc.

9) If you are allergic to latex, avoid using menstrual cups made from latex. You can use an alternative cup made from non-latex medical-grade silicone instead.

10) If you want to make a natural contraceptive, you can use soy and lemon vaginal suppositories (you can buy them or make them yourself).

11) Use the right soap to clean your vagina: any soap that does not contain chemicals such as dyes and fragrances, or perfumed soaps are safe for vaginal cleaning.

12) Do not use soap to clean the inside of your vagina.

If you practice yoga, be careful with some mats because they contain toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause chemical burns in the genital area. Always wash it before practicing yoga. Make sure that your vulva always has the right amount of moisture by using water and coconut oil after showers or baths. You can use some feminine hygiene soap that does not contain chemicals, or you can try vegan boric suppositories that are made from organic ingredients.